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Winbot 850 Automatic Window Cleaning Robot Review

Cleaning windows is one of those tiring tasks that can completely ruin your day especially if you’re required to clean hard-to-reach areas. Luckily, we live in a progressive world where robotics exist to deal with this hassle. You can use this kind of technology to save on cost, time and still achieve impeccable results. But in order for that to happen, you need to find the right machine for the job. Our review takes a closer look at Winbot 850 window cleaning robot by factoring in its specs, user-friendliness, customer satisfaction among other factors.

How does the Winbot 850 Work?

4-Stage Cleaning System

At the core of this window cleaning robot is a proprietary automatic 4-stage cleaning system. It boasts a wrap-around micro-fiber cleaning pad with two squeegees for a smooth 4-stage cleaning process. The cleaning pad is sprayed with Winbot cleaning solution to help moisten, loosen and absorb all the dirt. The squeegee does the job of clearing any loose dirt particles – a second squeegee is provided for dealing with wet dirt. The other cleaning pad dries the window thereby giving it a spotless shine.

High Speed Fan Motor

For efficient window cleaning experience, the Winbot 850 uses a high-speed fan motor that provides better stability, strong suction as well as great deep window cleaning. The fan motor usually rotates at 19,000 rpm.

Automatic Cleaning Path

Like other Winbot window cleaning robots, the Winbot 850 features a programmable cleaning path so it can clean the windows efficiently. This means it auto-navigates the window to detect the size as well as the shape of the window and then automatically choose the best cleaning path to follow i.e. a “Z” cleaning pattern for wide and horizontal windows and “N” cleaning pattern for the case of narrow and vertical windows.

Safety Pod and Tether

If you thought this window cleaning robot will have a hard time cleaning hard to reach areas of the windows, then you are wrong. With its safety pod and tether, it will easily clean high windows effectively and safely. And even without this feature, the robot can also clean hard-to-reach areas since the power cord can stretch up-to 4.3 meters in length when the extension cord has been added.

  • Technical Data
  • power ratings
  • features
  • Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 4.1 x 8.7 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Ecovacs Robotics
  • Item Color: White
How much does the Winbot 850 cost?

As with most advanced home robotics, the price can really be a turn-off at first. Ranging between $350 and $450 depending on where you purchase the robot, this a pricey investment. However, if you really want to save time and money in the long-run, the Winbot 850 is a great investment given the convenience it offers and its advanced features.

Ease of Use

Featuring a remote control; starting the robot, pausing and even managing the direction you want it to follow is easy even when you’re at a distance. It also comes with a manual that is well written and easy to understand. 

  • Does not damage window surface, thanks to light touch frame protection
  • Back-up battery system
  • Can be operate via a simple push of a button
  • Cleans hard to reach angle
  • Has edge detection technology for proper cleaning of frameless windows
  • Its microfiber pad doesn’t cover edge sensors
  • Pricey
  • May do a less-than-stellar job on extremely dirty or odd-shaped windows
Customer Satisfaction & Verdict

Overall, Winbot 850 seems to attract mixed customer opinions although the positive ones dominate. A rating of 3.9 stars (on Amazon) shows that although the product provides good value for money, it has a few flaws worth considering as well. Verdict: Worth checking out. 

Haley KnowltonVerified Amazon Customer

The design is promising, but real world it does not clean windows. It's well built and runs reliabily, but the end product doesn't warrant the price yet. We really hope to see this product iterate and come back more effective in a future version. For now it's a novelty.

TweakWinbot 850 Review

I have little to say really because to put it simply…it works. 
Not only does it actually clean the windows but it is pretty quiet and stays VERY well stuck to the window.  The manual is well written and easy to understand. The unit isn’t very heavy and setup for use is very simple.

Where to buy Winbot 850

You maybe able to find at your local department store, however, we recommend first looking on Amazon.  They have a larger selection than most department stores and you have the added benefit of being able to compare products as well as being able to read actual customer reviews. In full disclosure we are an Amazon affiliate but would not be if we did not believe in the services they provide and the products they sell.  The intention of this review is not to convince you to purchase the Winbot 850 only to give you as much information on the product before you decide to buy.

Thank you for reading our review, please feel free to browse our site to find more helpful robots for your home.

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