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Winbot 730-Window Cleaning Robot Review

Does cleaning windows always seem like a bothersome task? Then fear not as there is a new robot technology to help you with all your window cleaning chores. The Winbot 730 is a brand new innovative window cleaning robot from Ecovacs that has been specially designed to clean all types of windows, framed or frameless, by simply pushing a button. The Winbot works similar to other cleaning bots like the small and round vacuum robots that zip around your floor. When the robot itself is put on a glass surface, it will first figure out the entire size of the glass surface, then it will travel back and forth cleaning it.


Winbot 730 Design and Features

The Winbot 730 is similar to a bathroom scale with a handle top of it and a number of threads at its bottom side. Its top side also features a power cord that requires being connected to the power brick that comes with it, a trigger for releasing air, a power switch, and a light indicator which displays various colors depending on the situation. Flipping the WinBot over will reveal bottom and top areas where the pads used for cleaning are attached and also the driving threads which allow the bot to move around your window. In the middle, there is a suction mechanism that helps the bot stick to a window without falling over.

What does the Winbot 730 come with?

Every purchase of Winbot 730 includes; The Winbot 730 robot, a safety rope and pod for use in areas which are high,a manual, a finishing cloth for cleaning out streaks that are left on the windows, a remote control with two AA batteries, a bottle full of cleaning solution, a power brick, and cleaning pads.

The remote features a reset button meant to restart the robot during an error state and also a Play/Pause button for starting or stopping the robot. The arrow buttons will control the direction of the Winbot if needed and a pairing button is also included in case the robot requires needs to be reconnected to the remote.

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  • Manufacturer: Ecovacs
  • Dimensions: 13.1 x 11 x 5.3 inches
  • Weight: 7.3 pounds
  • Color: Pearl White

How to use the Winbot 730

The Winbot 730 is very easy to use. You will only be required to turn it on, put it on a window surface, and press start. The Winbot has been made to work independently when it is put on a window’s surface, however, there should be someone there to keep an eye on the most part of the process and he or she should be able to remove the robot from the glass once the cleaning process is complete. When it is done cleaning a window, it will alert you via a tune. Removing the robot from the glass will only require you to slide the start button to the OFF position and put your index finger in the air to simply release the trigger button and pull it up. When most of the suction is gone, the Winbot can now be gently removed. If at some point the cleaning pad gets dirty, you will only need to snap them off and then change them with new ones.


  • Works exceptionally well on long glass.
  • Very innovative concept and design.
  • Remote control feature that gives complete control over the robot without having to be near it.
  • Can clean hard to reach areas of your windows.


  • Can be quite noisy.
  • Does not include a cordless option.
  • Can sometimes leave streaks on windows.

Customer Satisfaction

Most customers who have purchased the Winbot 730 seem very pleased with its ease of use and amazing cleaning capabilities. The robot’s ability to reach very high areas that cannot be manually cleaned without the use of ladders or mounting steps that are risky seems to be the most distinguishing fact that impresses most people. However, some are not happy with the way the bot can sometimes stop frequently and others have complained that their glasses broke due to the robots high suction capabilities.

However, despite these issues that some have faced, the Winbot does appear to be a good performing piece of equipment that will definitely ensure your windows remain clean without having you to put any effort to the cleaning process. It does, however, require you to monitor it every once in a while when it is in use so as to ensure that it performs as expected, but other than that the Winbot 730 is an amazing window cleaner and a worthy addition to the cleaning gadgets at your home or workplace.

Travel Light GalVerified Amazon Customer

It's not perfect. You have to polish a few spots. Who cares? You're done with ladders, buckets, squeegies, and mess! It is awesome!

AdanVerified Amazon Customer

The product concept is good, but a particular piece was defective, just started to clean a window and broke. I'll wait to buy the new version 9 series product. (I have many windows, and do not enjoy clean;

From the 78 verified customer reviews on Amazon, the Ecovacs Winbot 730 received an average rating of 2.8 stars out of 5.  To read more customer reviews click here. Customer Reviews 

Where to buy Winbot 730?

You maybe able to find at your local department store, however, we recommend first looking on Amazon.  They have a larger selection than most department stores and you have the added benefit of being able to compare products as well as being able to read actual customer reviews. In full disclosure we are an Amazon affiliate but would not be if we did not believe in the services they provide and the products they sell.  The intention of this review is not to convince you to purchase the Winbot 730 only to give you as much information on the product before you decide to buy.

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