Warning Signs from Pets of Impending Robot Uprising!

Dog's Reaction vs. Cat's Reaction

Are pets trying to warn us of Robotic Threat to Humanity?

There’s an old joke about the difference between cats and dogs: A dog looks at its owner and thinks “You feed me, pet me, give me a place to stay and pick up my poop; you must be a god!” A cat looks at its owner and thinks “You feed me, pet me, give me a place to stay and pick up my poop; I must be a god!”

By the reactions shown in the videos both cats and dogs obviously know robots will eventually take over the world from us humans. Those reactions also show us where our pet’s loyalties lie and that the joke has a little more truth to it than we originally thought.

Dogs: Truly Man’s Best Friend

The dog’s reaction is a warning to us, we should not be letting our future oppressors into our homes. Today they are cleaning our floors, pools and widows; tomorrow they will be cleaning our minds so we can be used as an energy source. Watch the Matrix if you don’t believe me. Being man’s best friend the dog was trying to destroy the robotic threat to human existence disguised as a vacuum before it destroys humanity.

Cats: Looking out for Number One

The cat’s reaction was one you would expect from someone you fancies itself a god. From the cat’s perspective the robot cleaner is not seen as a threat, it is just another servant to use as it pleases. By the look of the cats in the video they are not concerned whether it is a human or a robot serving their needs as long as they’re being served. With the advancement in robots for the home cats know their future will be secure. There are already robots that vacuum up hair, clean litter boxes and distribute food automatically so to a cat a world ruled by robots can only get better.

Cats should not be so welcoming to their new minions however. Humans are not the only one who are endangered of being replaced by robotic counterparts. There are a number of robotic pets on the market today and when robots do take over who would they favor? Biological beings that only desire to be served or mechanized pets that share their desire for world domination?

Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, the warnings signs our pets are giving us should not be ignored. Hollywood has been telling us for decades that robots will destroy us some day, now it’s our pets trying to caution us of our impending doom. As technology advances rapidly it is only a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence is created leading to robots replicating themselves at which point they will rise up against humans and pets alike. Well maybe just humans and dogs, cats might survive.

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